Saturday, August 3, 2013

#McCallsAREmarried: the first month

This past week marks the completion of a whole month of marriage to this sweet guy!

For the past 4+ weeks, I have spent almost every hour of my day with my husband, between honeymoon, packing for the big move, and getting settled here in NC. For a couple who is used to long distance, this whole marriage/living together thing is such a wonderful change. We joke about how many less text messages we send and phone calls we make-- hallelujah at least one bill is less!

This past month has been a whirlwind of figuring out a new city, learning how to be domestic, getting used to living alongside a boy 24/7, writing thank you notes, doing official things to become NC residents, coping with homesickness, putting my all into each job application, carefully budgeting every penny, and learning how to selflessly love like I never have before.

I'm not going to say it's been a walk in the park, because that's not true. However, it's been completely wonderful. With marriage comes the need for communication, vulnerability, and honesty. But marriage itself is something so comfortable, joyful, and just plain incredible. I'm learning to "grow up" fast (even though I've always thought myself mature for my years) with the reality of my new role. I know very few people in this city, I've been exhausting myself trying hard to fix this whole "unemployed" thing, and all my friends are at least three hours away. Sometimes it's hard, but I'm so thankful for the kind-hearted, selfless, and always-comforting Mr. McCall. He's a keeper, for sure. He continually reminds me that God has a plan and that His one for us will be awesome. It just takes some patience.

I cherish the times where we laugh because we're talking in that silly voice that we pray no one really ever hears out loud, or we're watching a ridiculous tv show on basic cable, or making fun of each other's (read: Andrew's) middle school relationships. However, I also hold close the hard times. When the reality of dealing with jobs and money and self-worth and all the other things set in. Praise the Lord, because He is always faithful, no matter which we're facing.

Marriage is all of the above. It's incredible how much I've learned Andy and about our relationship this past month. Being married is fun! Challenging, but fun. Each time we sit down at our hand-me-down dining room table and hold hands to say the blessing, I pray our happiness and contentment and joy doesn't fade as we exit "newlywed" status (whenever that technically is!).

We've moved on from the wedding weekend Instagram and Twitter hashtag #McCallsGetMarried.... now the #McCallsAREmarried! This is just a peek into the moments of our daily sweetness and struggle as husband and wife-- thank goodness we're in it together.

Happy one month, Andy! I'm so thankful for the many more wonderful ones to come. 


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