Monday, August 5, 2013

St. Lucia honeymoon recap!

Better late than never, right?

I'm so sorry it took forever to get this post written- as mentioned before we just recently got the internet hooked up in the new house and I couldn't upload pictures until now! I was inspired by Jamie at Southern Simplicity (who went to the same resort we did!) to document our trip through not just photos, but video too! Check out the quick video I made:

Instead of jetsetting first thing Sunday morning, we stayed at a nice hotel downtown (fun fact: our prom was there!) before getting a flight from the local airport early Monday morning. We had a connection in ATL and then we were St. Lucia bound!

Once we arrived at the tiny, humid St. Lucia airport, we took a car to the hotel-- an upgrade well worth it to have proper air conditioning and our own bubble as opposed to a packed van! Our driver stopped at a lookout on the way to our resort-- Sandals LaToc-- so we could get a view of the local fishing village and gorgeous blue waters. The funny thing about the picture below is that we are holding beers... which we both hate. Our driver encouraged us to try the local beer, called Piton, and we were too polite to say no. So this picture is pretty funny in our own little way!

We got to the hotel and spent most days by the pool, which had a swim up bar, floats everywhere, "Playmakers" who facilitated activities (we jokingly called them the Twerk Team because they danced everywhere they went, haha!), and beach access just steps away. However, we did want to take advantage of our location and did a couple of activities between our days of eating, lounging, and relaxation. 

The picture below is from our sunset catamaran cruise and snorkel trip. We boarded a catamaran after lunch and were driven out to a prime snorkel spot between St. Lucia's signature twin peaks, called the Pitons, which you see behind us! We met lots of other nice young couples and even a few guys who graduated from N.C. State-- it was nice to make the southern connection! After snorkeling, we headed back to the resort in time to catch the sunset and enjoy local fruit, desserts, and drinks. They crew was so fun and though it took some convincing, they finally got me to dance... once they played the Wobble, of course :)

While we were honeymooning, we missed Independence day in the good old US of A! I was disappointed to not see fireworks, but I wore my red, white and blue all day long to show my American spirit! We took quite of a few of these breakfast solo shots.. this one was obviously pre-coffee. Sleepy Ryann. 

See?! No matter where you are, it's still the 4th of July! 

 One of the main reasons we picked our resort was for the awesome (all inclusive!) restaurants on site! There was an incredible French place, pizza, mediterranean, and so much more. The picture below was taken before our July 4th dinner at the Japanese steakhouse... oh, the irony. But dang, it was good. 

Surprisingly, it's hard to get pictures on your honeymoon. I always hate asking people-- so our vacation turned into selfie central. #sorrynotsorry

 Another "outing" we chose was horseback riding on the beach, per my request. I will admit it's not exactly what I thought it would be-- I didn't expect to ride on dusty roads for a long time then get about 10 minutes of beach time on a horse that sort of hated me-- but it was still a fun adventure! The guide made us take this picture, and it makes me giggle so of course I had to share!

One of the quirks of the resort was that there were cats everywhere! We saw this guy a lot, and we named him (affectionately, of course) Stumpy. Sup, Stump?

And soon, it came to be our last day in the beautiful St. Lucia. We made sure to drink lots of fruity treats, eat an extra piece of pizza, and complete our marathon of Kindle reading in the sweet St. Lucia sun. 

My sweet husband arranged for a special dinner on our last night! We ate in a gazebo and had the most perfect view of the beach sunset and some awesome beef tenderloin while we enjoyed our last few hours of daylight before we had to go back to the "real world"!

We had a quick breakfast before heading to the airport and made sure to walk around the resort one last time to get pictures of the place. We were so pleased with how clean and well-kept everything was, and all the employees were so kind and helpful!

Okay, so now I'm craving some Bella Napoli cheese pizza... yummm. 

This was our cute little villa we stayed in! Ours is on the left and had a living room with a ocean view porch upstairs and a bed and bath downstairs. It was a great place to spend our week and I of course miss it already!

We loved St. Lucia and our resort- I would totally go back again! It was so wonderful to spend some quality time unwinding and just relaxing and having fun with Andrew after a hectic period of planning! Can I go back now, please?! 


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  1. Your trip looks incredible!! Where did you stay in St. Lucia that had the all inclusive option!? My family and I were researching that island for our trip this summer but couldn't seem to find anything in that category!