Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thank you, Southern Weddings Magazine!

Y'all... you don't understand how much of a wedding fan I am. I would pore over magazines, Pinterest boards, and blogs-- mostly that of Southern Weddings Magazine-- even before I was engaged. I was so excited to be selected as a SW Mag Southern Bride Blogger a while back and yesterday I was SO fortunate to get a place of honor in the official Southern Weddings Magazine blog!

Every Friday, the SW Mag ladies do a weekly round-up recapping the real weddings and other blog posts of the week, and giving a preview of photos shared on the Facebook page. They gave me the sweetest shoutout with some well-deserved credit to my awesome photographer, Olivia Griffin! Hop on over and go check it out!

Many thanks to the Southern Weddings Magazine for the love and for everyone that helped make my day so beautiful and blog worthy!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Wedding: First look & reception photoshoot!

If you told me when I got engaged that I would do a first look, I would laugh in your face. 

I was always in the camp of wanting to be traditional, proper, and surprised on my wedding day. I had these visions of the doors of the sanctuary I grew up in flying open with me and my sweet daddy walking down the aisle. My groom would be grinning widely (or, let's face it, ideally tearing up... doesn't every girl secretly want that to happen!?) as I made my way down the aisle and he took in my glowing bridely-ness (yup I made that up) for the first time. 

Well, I changed my mind. 

Actually, it was my videographer who suggested it. Then he said my photographer would probably be on board too. At first I was a little bitter about the suggestion for purely logistical reasons, and being the bride that I was, when I left the meeting I sat there and thought and kinda cried about it a little because that was ONE MORE decision I had to make that I thought was already taken care of. Then, I came around to the idea. Not that we were hesitant at all about getting married, but I figured it would take some edge off of the day. Andrew can pretty much hide all emotions (love ya, dude, but it's true). Me, on the otherhand, can be a babbling mess when I'm happy or sad or stressed or lonely or whatever. So, you can see why a little teaser before the big reveal would have been attractive to me. I'd rather not lose it in front of the 300+ people sitting in the pews and instead deep in the woods with my hubs-to-be. 

Turns out, there were no waterworks! Unless you count the massive amount of sweating I did in that huge dress in the heat of late June. Oyyyy. Only big smiles and hugs and excessive photos taken as our photographers and videographers and their assistants ran around us (after the big reveal, of course) telling us to "stop!" "turn around!" "do that again!" "kiss her/him!" "wait!" and the like. I would do a first look over and over again. I'm so glad we decided to have a private moment together before the big she-bang. It made us comfortable, happy, and possibly even more excited. I recommend it a million times over.

Near the middle of our reception, our photographer and videographer snagged us to grab some more photos at our gorgeous venue and across the Reedy River. Hopefully you can't tell too much from these pictures that I was STILL sweating. I figured these fit in nicely with this post's bride/groom photoshoot theme, so here they are!

Thank you so much for kind words on past posts, and thank you in advance for the sweet comments y'all leave on this post and future ones. I am forever grateful for all the love I get from the blogging community!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Wedding: Getting ready!

Get ready for a photo-heavy post! One of the best parts of the day (besides becoming Mrs. McCall, of course!) was spending quality time the morning of the wedding relaxing and getting ready with my mom and bridesmaids. It was such a blessing to get ready at the house I've grown up in with the girls who mean the most to me!

I loved my shoes.. they were surprisingly super comfortable and actually very inexpensive... thanks Zappos!

As a gift to all my girls, I gave them bathrobes to wear as we got ready. They were such a hit and went great with our mimosas :)

Our boys are so silly!

Putting my dress in on my mom's room was extra special!

My sweet ZTA sisters Jennings and Lauren helping me out with a special secret ZTA tradition that all sisters do on their wedding day!

The two framed photos are of my mom's bridal portrait and of me in my baptismal gown as a baby!

And one of my all time favorites... 

My sweet best friends and Maids of Honor helping me put on the final touches! 
What a sweet, sweet day. 


Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Wedding: Bridals!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you were around for this post where I found my dress! I had such an incredible experience dress shopping and I still love my dress... I wish I could just throw it on and dance around the living room, reliving that fun evening!

After officially saying "yes to the dress," I was totally in love but still nervous about my choice. There is no denying that I would go back and pick my dress a million times over, but it was a little different. I think most people would have expected me to to pick a more "classic"dress, but I loved mine for the fact that it was unique without being tacky. Little did we know after I chose my dress that it had been called the modern take on Jackie O's wedding dress! I knew that my dress was classic in a special way, and this fact only confirmed it!


So you've seen a few pictures of me in my dress, but I wanted to share my bridal pictures with y'all so you can get the full effect! It was extra special because I was able to do the photoshoot in my beautiful backyard! My home backs up to a small lake and we have huge, gorgeous trees. The weather was perfect for photos!

Up next is photos of guys and girls getting ready!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

sunday words.

Happy Sunday, my friends. I've been sick all weekend and kind of down. I posted this quote I found on Instagram a week or so ago and I feel like it's worth sharing again. I may throw myself pity parties, struggle with where I am in life, act impatient, and feel lonely, but no matter what, God is always with me and for me. 

All things work together for His glory, and sometimes that means putting my plans and expectations on the backburner, no matter how hard. Jesus, please remind me of this daily. 


Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday!

I'm here on this yucky Friday, coffee in hand and super pumped for my favorite link-up with the lovely ladies of Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, hello! happiness and the good life blog! Won't you link up too?

Yesterday was an awkward one at the McCall house here in Raleigh. Y'all know that my sweet hubby is a Tiger who has since moved us to NC to continue his architecture education as a part of the Wolfpack... well, our two loyalties clashed last night! Unfortunately due to ticket demand and Andrew's class schedule, we weren't able to go to the game. We only have basic cable so we couldn't even watch it on ESPN... thank goodness for computers and ESPN iPhone updates! It was ugly, but the Tigers squeaked out a "W"! With a tiger paw on the front of our car and reppin' the Pack on the back, our little family was going to be okay either way, I guess!


I am semi-obsessed with the Essie fall collection. I absolutely love nail polish but it has been a long time since I've actually bought new shades, and I think I may have to hit Target this weekend to stock up for fall! My favorites are Twin Sweater Set, After School Boy Blazer, and For the Twill of It. Do you have any you want to try?


So what happens when you're a newlywed in a new city with few friends (don't feel bad for me, I promise I'm really ok!)?? Crafts, of course! I've done some research on Pinterest and Etsy and have begun to make burlap door hangers for fun! At first they were just for our house and my mom, but more people are showing interest! I'm willing to make any design, so if you are interested in a cute "burlee" for your door, get in touch! Next up for my projects: a pumpkin, candy corn, and a peanut (especially for my sweet friend Charlotte!) Here's a sampling of what I've created:

So apparently this was free food week and I MISSED ALL OF IT! Yesterday was free queso day at Moes (no questions asked!) and Krispy Kreme dress like a pirate day... a free donut if you talked like a pirate, and a free dozen if you went all out and dressed like one! (Sidenote... is anyone else perplexed on how random the combination of donuts and pirates is??!!) Andy also said the Jimmy John's on campus had subs for $1... How did I not take advantage of at least one of these wonderful deals? I love food and I'm obsessed with saving money. Get it together, Ryann!

GUESS WHAT?! Wedding blog post recaps start next week! I've been waiting with anticipation for my pictures to be ready, and we finally got our CD last week! I could not be more happy with how great they turned out... more proof the day was just as beautiful as I remember! Olivia Griffin is incredible. Can't wait to share my favorite shots with y'all SO soon! But to tide you over...

Happy weekend, sweet friends!