Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday!

I'm here on this yucky Friday, coffee in hand and super pumped for my favorite link-up with the lovely ladies of Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, hello! happiness and the good life blog! Won't you link up too?

Yesterday was an awkward one at the McCall house here in Raleigh. Y'all know that my sweet hubby is a Tiger who has since moved us to NC to continue his architecture education as a part of the Wolfpack... well, our two loyalties clashed last night! Unfortunately due to ticket demand and Andrew's class schedule, we weren't able to go to the game. We only have basic cable so we couldn't even watch it on ESPN... thank goodness for computers and ESPN iPhone updates! It was ugly, but the Tigers squeaked out a "W"! With a tiger paw on the front of our car and reppin' the Pack on the back, our little family was going to be okay either way, I guess!


I am semi-obsessed with the Essie fall collection. I absolutely love nail polish but it has been a long time since I've actually bought new shades, and I think I may have to hit Target this weekend to stock up for fall! My favorites are Twin Sweater Set, After School Boy Blazer, and For the Twill of It. Do you have any you want to try?


So what happens when you're a newlywed in a new city with few friends (don't feel bad for me, I promise I'm really ok!)?? Crafts, of course! I've done some research on Pinterest and Etsy and have begun to make burlap door hangers for fun! At first they were just for our house and my mom, but more people are showing interest! I'm willing to make any design, so if you are interested in a cute "burlee" for your door, get in touch! Next up for my projects: a pumpkin, candy corn, and a peanut (especially for my sweet friend Charlotte!) Here's a sampling of what I've created:

So apparently this was free food week and I MISSED ALL OF IT! Yesterday was free queso day at Moes (no questions asked!) and Krispy Kreme dress like a pirate day... a free donut if you talked like a pirate, and a free dozen if you went all out and dressed like one! (Sidenote... is anyone else perplexed on how random the combination of donuts and pirates is??!!) Andy also said the Jimmy John's on campus had subs for $1... How did I not take advantage of at least one of these wonderful deals? I love food and I'm obsessed with saving money. Get it together, Ryann!

GUESS WHAT?! Wedding blog post recaps start next week! I've been waiting with anticipation for my pictures to be ready, and we finally got our CD last week! I could not be more happy with how great they turned out... more proof the day was just as beautiful as I remember! Olivia Griffin is incredible. Can't wait to share my favorite shots with y'all SO soon! But to tide you over...

Happy weekend, sweet friends!



  1. I am also loving the fall Essie line- after school boy blazer is definitely one I am wanting to try! Also, you might have a new blog friend coming your way in the near future, the hub's final interview is today! You might also have a new customer for the burlee because I am loving your cute designs!

  2. I recently purchased After School Boy Blazer - I love it but it still looks too dark for right now. My boss at work asked if it was black! (maybe it's because I'm so pale, oops!). I missed out on all the free food this week too! I was so confused when I saw people talking about pirates and donuts! Your burlap creations are so cute. Happy Friday :) xoxo Hope

  3. I have been craving donuts lately and I saw that about KK last night when I got in bed. I could not believe I missed it! Your dress was beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures of your big day. :)

  4. OH my goodness... you were a stunning bride!! Can't wait to see more photos!

    And I'm with everyone else, I really want to try the After School Boy Blazer! Not sure I can pull it off, but we'll see!

    So glad you joined our little link-up! Happy weekend ahead! :)

  5. ahh - love wedding pictures :)

    I hate when I miss free food :)

  6. Ive been dying to try the After School Boy Blazer and Vested Interest! Your wedding dress is gorgeous!! Have a great weekend!

  7. So happy that I just stumbled upon your blog! Found it on the linkup. I'm so excited to see your wedding photos next week, looks like you got married in Greenville. Am I right? Oh, and go Tigers :)

  8. that game was definitely ugly but at least it was a win-win for y'all ;) I am loving after school boy is perfect for fall!! Those burlap door hangers are adorable- I absolutely LOVE the pineapple, I might have to get you to make me one ;) !!!!

  9. I had friends at the game including Clemson Alums that said the game was ugly! I am in love with that football and might need it for the rest of UNC's season! I hope the new job is going well!

  10. I'm loving the Essie collection as well.

    Your dress is GORGEOUS!

  11. You and me both, girl. I don't know how I didn't go all in for the doughnuts. Put me in the same room with sweets (and give me the option to get FREE sweets) and I'll do just about anything! I also can't wait to get my hands on the new Essie line! I'm in the Raleigh-ish area (just moved a bit ago) and haven't made too many connections yet either (It's tough when you work from home)!! Also? Now I'm craving Moe's queso--so thanks for that ;)