Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Wedding: First look & reception photoshoot!

If you told me when I got engaged that I would do a first look, I would laugh in your face. 

I was always in the camp of wanting to be traditional, proper, and surprised on my wedding day. I had these visions of the doors of the sanctuary I grew up in flying open with me and my sweet daddy walking down the aisle. My groom would be grinning widely (or, let's face it, ideally tearing up... doesn't every girl secretly want that to happen!?) as I made my way down the aisle and he took in my glowing bridely-ness (yup I made that up) for the first time. 

Well, I changed my mind. 

Actually, it was my videographer who suggested it. Then he said my photographer would probably be on board too. At first I was a little bitter about the suggestion for purely logistical reasons, and being the bride that I was, when I left the meeting I sat there and thought and kinda cried about it a little because that was ONE MORE decision I had to make that I thought was already taken care of. Then, I came around to the idea. Not that we were hesitant at all about getting married, but I figured it would take some edge off of the day. Andrew can pretty much hide all emotions (love ya, dude, but it's true). Me, on the otherhand, can be a babbling mess when I'm happy or sad or stressed or lonely or whatever. So, you can see why a little teaser before the big reveal would have been attractive to me. I'd rather not lose it in front of the 300+ people sitting in the pews and instead deep in the woods with my hubs-to-be. 

Turns out, there were no waterworks! Unless you count the massive amount of sweating I did in that huge dress in the heat of late June. Oyyyy. Only big smiles and hugs and excessive photos taken as our photographers and videographers and their assistants ran around us (after the big reveal, of course) telling us to "stop!" "turn around!" "do that again!" "kiss her/him!" "wait!" and the like. I would do a first look over and over again. I'm so glad we decided to have a private moment together before the big she-bang. It made us comfortable, happy, and possibly even more excited. I recommend it a million times over.

Near the middle of our reception, our photographer and videographer snagged us to grab some more photos at our gorgeous venue and across the Reedy River. Hopefully you can't tell too much from these pictures that I was STILL sweating. I figured these fit in nicely with this post's bride/groom photoshoot theme, so here they are!

Thank you so much for kind words on past posts, and thank you in advance for the sweet comments y'all leave on this post and future ones. I am forever grateful for all the love I get from the blogging community!



  1. We did a first look due to time restraints and I'm SO GLAD we did! They're some of my favorite pictures from the entire wedding! And it was such a special moment :)

  2. Adorable, of course! I completely understand the first look but like you I have the vision of walking down the aisle. Who knows what will happen when I find the guy. Beautiful photos, of course!

  3. We didn't do a "first look" and so often I wish we had, just for logistical reasons! I guess I was just set on being old-fashioned ; ) These pictures are lovely, you make such a handsome couple!

  4. I'm head over heels for ALL of these wedding recap posts! Love this first look one too! We did a first look and it just might have been one of my favorite parts of the day!! You look stunning, your dress is absolute perfection. And Andrew looks mighty handsome too!

  5. Thank you for sharing with us about your first look! I also loved how you changed from your pearls to you new monogram for the reception!