Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Wedding: Getting ready!

Get ready for a photo-heavy post! One of the best parts of the day (besides becoming Mrs. McCall, of course!) was spending quality time the morning of the wedding relaxing and getting ready with my mom and bridesmaids. It was such a blessing to get ready at the house I've grown up in with the girls who mean the most to me!

I loved my shoes.. they were surprisingly super comfortable and actually very inexpensive... thanks Zappos!

As a gift to all my girls, I gave them bathrobes to wear as we got ready. They were such a hit and went great with our mimosas :)

Our boys are so silly!

Putting my dress in on my mom's room was extra special!

My sweet ZTA sisters Jennings and Lauren helping me out with a special secret ZTA tradition that all sisters do on their wedding day!

The two framed photos are of my mom's bridal portrait and of me in my baptismal gown as a baby!

And one of my all time favorites... 

My sweet best friends and Maids of Honor helping me put on the final touches! 
What a sweet, sweet day. 



  1. These are beautiful, Ryann! You are simply glowing!

  2. Beautiful, Ryann! I love the photo with the frames, that is just so special!

  3. So gorgeous! I love bridesmaids dresses!

  4. These pictures are gorgeous, Ryann! I just love that you were able to get ready at the house you grew up in. That's so special.

  5. Such sweet pictures!! What a special place to get ready, and I'm sure I've said it before (or at least thought it a million times), but your dress is so gorgeous on you, Ryann!

  6. Seeing pictures of our sweet ZTA wedding tradition gives me chills! I cannot wait till my day comes and I am able to share in the tradition :-)

  7. How special it must have been getting ready in your mom's room! These pictures are gorgeous!