Sunday, September 22, 2013

sunday words.

Happy Sunday, my friends. I've been sick all weekend and kind of down. I posted this quote I found on Instagram a week or so ago and I feel like it's worth sharing again. I may throw myself pity parties, struggle with where I am in life, act impatient, and feel lonely, but no matter what, God is always with me and for me. 

All things work together for His glory, and sometimes that means putting my plans and expectations on the backburner, no matter how hard. Jesus, please remind me of this daily. 



  1. Oh no Ryann, I hope that you feel better soon! I'll be praying for you to feel better and to give you comfort during this time! Hang in there!! Xx!

  2. Mmm that was the truth and perspective I needed today, thanks for sharing! Hope you feel better soon!

    xo Elisabeth

  3. Such a beautiful quote and SO true! Thank you for sharing this...I really needed to be reminded of this as well!