Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The great white... debate.

It's an age old debate that begins the day after Labor Day:

to wear white, or not to wear white?!

I can't tell you how many statuses, tweets, Instagram posts, etc. I've seen of people expressing their woes of having to put away their favorite summer whites or rocking their white jeans for the last time. Think of me what you may, but I'm not having it. 

My mom and I have had the Labor Day color debate for many years, and she is very strongly in the camp that white is appropriate for fashion all year round, especially since we live in the South. She found this video on the Southern Living blog where a few of the editors did a sound-off on their opinions when it comes to this cardinal "rule" of fashion. I agree with most of these ladies. I am going to keep my white out all year round! I'm going to rock my white jeans with sweaters, proudly wear my off-white pashmina with my riding boots (hello, winter white!) and I may invest in a beautiful creamy white dress coat for the chilly NC winter. 

Despite all this, I do have some fashion standards and when it comes to the Labor Day white rule, I will partially comply. My exceptions to my "all white, all da time" rule:

NO white linen pants.
It's the weight of the fabric that's important. White jeans and cords are great!

NO white shoes. 
Flats, sandals, whatever. None.

NO white shorts.
 I will only break this rule if I am on a tropical holiday vacation.
 (Hahahaha. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon. Can we please have a moment of silence for my bank account.)

NO white sundresses.
Sorry Lilly. Most of you has to go to the back of the closet. LYLAS, HAGW (winter). 

Also, I love this. YOLO, y'all:


What do you think? Do I have anyone in my boat? Or any diehard Southern ladies that just cannot see my reasoning? I'd love to hear what you think!



  1. I don't break this rule unless the pants/skirt are a winter white, even then it's tough for me! I had this debate with my sister in law this weekend and it really seems to be a Southern thing, I was raised in the South and taught "the white rule" my entire life! I totally won't judge if you rock the white jeans though ;)

  2. Bahahahaahahahah. I love you. Ehhh not wearing my white, but I'll support you lovaaa

  3. I struggle with this too! However, your LYLAS comment totally made me laugh! And so did that little flow chart. Have a great weekend!