Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our wedding: Something old, new, borrowed, blue

They weren't necessarily "old" in the sense that many brides use heirloom items, but I wore the pearl earrings Andrew gave me as an anniversary present years ago. I wear them almost everyday, which almost made them more special that I could wear them on our big day!

I wore a new multi-strand pearl necklace that went with my bridesmaid's freshwater pearl necklace and wore some new sassy gold heels! And my dress, of course. 

I wore a multi-strand pearl bracelet that my mom had made with beautiful sapphires and rubies on the clasp. I was so surprised when she told me she was actually going to give it to me as she helped me put it on! That still counts as borrowed though, right?! :)

I think this picture is hilarious! I look like I'm mad, but I was just in disbelief as my mama was telling me the bracelet was now mine!

I carried the handkerchief my sweet pledge class gave me before graduation in my dress pocket! (Yes, my dress had pockets... it was AWESOME!)

Only ZTA sisters will understand the significance of this picture!

Did you follow this wedding tradition when you got married? Do you have any special items in mind for when it's your turn to tie the knot?! 



  1. Love that you followed this tradition. I did as well, and it was so much fun! How sweet of your pledge class to give you that handkerchief. And pockets in your wedding dress? That's amazing.