Monday, October 28, 2013

It's not where you are, but who you're with.

I'm back friends, and I want to thank you all for the love, support, and kind words that were sent to me through comments, e-mails, Twitter, texts, and so much more. I am forever grateful for this incredible blogging community. Days are still really hard but God's presence is so evident in my life lately. I am thankful for the beautiful little reminders of Martha in each day and the constant assurance that the Lord is with and for me.

This weekend was one full of my blog's namesake- unspeakable joy! I had been looking forward to this past weekend for a solid month, when I knew my two best friends and maids of honor were road-tripping to Raleigh to visit us for the first time in our married home! It meant so much that my sweet friends made the hefty trip (Natalie from Greenville and Parkes from Rock Hill) to come love on me and just be together! All is right in the world when the Trio (as we call ourselves) is together. 

Of course, we had to take a picture as soon as the girls pulled up to our house late Friday afternoon after we all had full days of work and they had a long drive. Please excuse (or appreciate, your choice!) my lovely ensemble of yoga pants, size large t-shirt, and fuzzy socks. Best friends don't judge, so I took full advantage of cozy clothes! The girls were welcomed with a glass of moscato and our favorite dessert of Funfetti cookies as we stayed up late catching up.

Saturday morning my sweet Andy got up to get breakfast supplies and the McCalls made a yummy breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, coffee, and a pancake bar. My heart was so happy to share a meal with them and just laugh at our little dining room table. We got a late start after a relaxing morning and I drove the girls around downtown and we shopped at Cameron Village a bit. I discovered a fabulous little gelato, coffee and cupcake spot call Sugarland so we had to take a quick treat break!

Of course, our whole weekend revolved around food so I decided to take the girls to The Cowfish out near North Hills shopping center. Their burgers are incredible and they are also famous for their Bento boxes that combine mini burgers with incredible sushi rolls! I haven't had the guts to try one yet but I plan to on my next visit. Natalie especially loved Cowfish because she could get fried pickles as a side with her burger... her favorite!

After dinner we hit up Redbox and had a casual, lazy night back at home. We woke up Sunday and had brunch at Flying Biscuit Cafe- one of my absolute favorite places in Raleigh. How can you not love a meal that comes with sugar-sprinkled doughy goodness and some cranberry apple butter?

I was so sad to send the girls off in the afternoon knowing that we faced a week "back to reality." I truly look forward to the weekends, but it's hard being in a city where I don't know many people. I am in the process of trying to find time to meet up with quite a few blog friends and I am so excited to get the ball rolling on some of these plans. I love hanging out with my husband, but it was so great to have a girl's weekend for a little change of pace! Heart-to-hearts, shopping, and sweets are so good for the soul. Don't you agree? 

Here's to having fun weekends to recap! :)


  1. Girls weekends are the best! Your friend who lives in Rock Hill... is that where she's from or is she doing something at Winthrop? :) (there isn't much else there! lol)

  2. That sounds like a perfect girls weekend! I'm sure that you needed a little best friend/girl time after having a rough couple of weeks! Great choice on taking them to Cowfish, I've only heard great things : )

  3. Cowfish is so good! I haven't been brave enough to try anything too out of the box either. You're right, hanging out with husbands is awesome, but there's nothing like advice and fun with your best friends.