Tuesday, November 5, 2013

30 days of thanks: coffee

This is my first thankful post that some might find a little bit silly, but part of this challenge is to find the joy in the little things and translate that to gratitude. So of course, it is undeniable that I am thankful for coffee. 

Anyone with me? That's what I thought. 

Sometimes the only way I'm able to drag myself out of the bed in the morning is the thought of some Nantucket blend in my favorite mug to start off the day. There's something comforting about the hot drink- it might be the associations that I have with it. The fact that I enjoy my morning cup over my daily devotion or as I chat with Andrew (or my mom when I'm at home). The thought of "coffee dates" with my best friends to catch up on life or with new friends to get to know each other. The reminder of those miserable-at-the-time library adventures that were only made possible by a venti Starbucks beverage. There's something about coffee that just gives me so much joy.

Are you as thankful for your morning cup of joe as I am?



  1. Yes ma'am, I know exactly what you mean! I look forward to my morning "cup of warm" every day and totally agree that sometimes it's the only way I can get myself out of a deep, cozy sleep!

  2. Yep! I am enjoying this series so much. I have always liked quiet early mornings and spending that time in prayer and reading my Bible. I felt like I was missing out by not drinking coffee while I did all of that, until this past year when I started drinking it, and now I am hooked!