Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: encouragement

Hi friends- I'm a little late for today's thankful post, but I'm actually really glad that I didn't get around to today's post until now. I have been messaging with a dear friend from Wofford who writes at Hello Amanda Phillips about everything from grief of losing a friend to being unsure about God's plan for my life to how much we love Greenville, SC. Today Amanda posted a blog that I just had to share.

Click on Amanda's blog button to get to this post called "Why Your Pain Hasn't Been Taken Away Yet". Amanda has been through a lot and is not only a friend, but an inspiration for me. No matter if you're like me, dealing with the loss of a friend (whether recently or in the past), facing an unknown future in terms of a job, watching a loved one suffer with a sickness, or just wondering when whatever hurt you're feeling will end, read this. You know what? Even if you're not hurting, please read this. It will prepare your heart for the day you do hurt. I promise.

to read the post, click Amanda's icon. 

This quote especially stood out to me:

"I used to pray for all the hard things to go away. 
But now I pray to be able to face hard things that will and do inevitably come with magnanimity and grace, dignity and poise, and most of all, with faith and honesty.
And that I'll still feel so sure, no matter what, that God is still good."

Thank you, Amanda, for your encouragement, openness, and honesty. I am thankful for that today. 



  1. Such a great last quote - this is so true, but sometimes really hard to do. What a great reminder!

  2. Just catching up on the past couple days of your blog, and this post along with your post about college friends were both so needed. Thanks for linking up to Amanda's all-too-relevant post!