Friday, November 22, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: faith community

Today I am thankful for a faith community. I grew up in the same church all my life- it's the same church that my dad was born into and my grandmother played the organ at for years until she retired just recently. I went to kindergarden with the same kids I went on senior high mission trips with. The girls on our church basketball team (always a highlight of the year!) had been playing together forever and had special plays down pat. I am so thankful for the loving faces at JKPC that have seen me grow, let me babysit their munchkins and been my best friends. Youth group and sunday school were always the highlights of my week. I am so thankful that I had such a wonderful church experience as I muddled through the awkwardness of middle school and the uncertainty of high school. Even once we all made it to college, we would meet up every few months at different campuses for Bible study and reunite over dinners on our breaks.

Just a few of the basketball ladies!

Classic Christmas pageant- I'm Mrs. Claus wearing the red shirt in the middle!

Youth group seniors celebrating high school graduation!

This faith community defined me for so many years, and it was so hard to leave them in college to find a new church to visit and a new group of friends closeby to share my struggles and keep me accountable. If you remember this post, I shared how important the faith community and ministry of RUF was and still is to me.

Now that we are in Raleigh, one of the most daunting but most exciting adventures is finding a faith community that we are comfortable with here as a couple. Surprisingly, that process was a little easier than I thought it would be. We were plugged in to a wonderful church downtown here and though we don't know many people there on a super-personal level, we feel so welcome and so loved every Sunday morning. More importantly, we are so happy with the Gospel- focus and style of worship at our newest church home. Earlier this week, a sweet friend I met through the church invited us to have dinner with her and her husband. We had the best time! Just another reason to be thankful for faith communities and the encouragement and support they bring.

I think the blogging world is a sort of faith community, too. Wouldn't you agree? I am so thankful for the wonderful, faith-driven, Gospel-loving women I have "met" through blogging. We all have challenges and we're not perfect, but we have each other and faith in our incredible Creator to see us through. Amen, y'all! :)



  1. I LOVED THIS POST, Ryann! I actually lived in Raleigh and went to Vintage 21 and was part of one of their Community Groups and LOVED it! It's so hard sometimes to find a good place that you can get grounded at and feel comfortable in the setting but I am so glad you and your husband have started to find that, praise the Lord for that! Also, what church is that in your first photo? It looks oddly familiar to me for some reason!?? :) Hope you have a great weekend girl!


  2. Yes!!! I can whole-heartedly say that reading blogs like yours, SheReadsTruth, and several others inspire and challenge me daily to grow in my faith! So glad you and Andrew are already plugged in to a great church in Raleigh!

  3. So glad y'all have found a great church in Raleigh! My church family means the world to me-I have been going there for just one year but I feel like I'e known the girls in my small group for forever!