Sunday, November 17, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: new beginnings.

Today I am thankful that each day is a new one. It's been a rough few months but I'm going to keep moving forward. I've already made some changes for my general happiness and well-being and my newest goal is to use my time well. I want to go on walks. I want to have a quality phone conversation with a best friend at least once a week. I want to spend more time in prayer and in the Word. I want to go have coffee with a new friend. I want to make our home more "homey". I want to do fun, new things with Andrew. I want to put a dent in my Kindle book list that has been untouched for too long. I've learned many things this month, one of which is that life is too short not to DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Simple as that.

I want to take some time to regroup and do just that. I am thankful for the opportunity to refresh and begin anew. I'll keep you posted- I'm already a million times happier just thinking about doing all these things. Things are already looking up. Cheers to a new day!



  1. I'm really enjoying this series. I volunteer as new friend for coffee or walks!

  2. That C.S. Lewis quote is one of my all-time favorites! And I too volunteer as a new friend for coffee!