Sunday, November 17, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: Reformed University Fellowship

I'm not even sure if I will be able to put into words how thankful I am for the subject of today's post. Especially since I have graduated, I am thankful for the ministry of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) and how it shaped my college experience and influenced so many wonderful friendships. 

RUF at Wofford College came on campus my sophomore year, however, I didn't really get involved until my junior year when I was finally unimpressed and unhappy with the other campus ministry I was involved in. A huge reason that RUF means so much to me is that the whole experience was shared with Martha. She was the one who made me promise to go to the first Large Group with her, then small group, then soon enough we were 100% involved in and dedicated to RUF. Martha and I had a special bond through that experience, and I am so thankful for the many times evenings we spent together at RUF bible studies and social events. The peak of our RUF involvement came our senior year, when we got involved in Ministry Team which enabled us to really learn the philosophy and theology behind Reformed University Fellowship and how we could better serve our campus. 

A huge reason for the success of RUF at Wofford and the reason so many of us love the ministry is this guy right here. Believe it or not based upon the picture below, but our campus minister, David actually really cool. Martha and I had a very special relationship with David. All three of us would always look forward to the frequent HM (sorry, it's an inside joke!) lunches on campus, that were, of course, never in the campus life building game room because according to Marth, that was "social suicide"! 

I'm so extremely thankful for the community and ministry of RUF at Wofford. Each of the wonderful people I have met though it have given me unending love and encouragement that I never take for granted. I'm thankful for RUF's mission to "reach students for Christ and equip students to serve" in order to share the Gospel on our campus and beyond. It was such a joy to have the privilege of serving as emcee for Large Group meetings my senior year and seeing the incredible growth as we had to continue to move rooms and add chairs to accommodate new students every week. 

I could go on and on about how my RUF experience shaped my spiritual life and my relationship with Christ, but that's something I'd rather chat with you about over a good cup of coffee :) College is such a unique time and I am so thankful for the RUF community and the truth it has provided me with even as I live beyond the gates of Wofford.


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  1. Oh my goodness we have so much in common! I too, was involved in RUF in college, but I didn't start going until my senior year at Furman. I too, was unhappy with the campus ministry I had previously been involved in. One of my biggest regrets from college was not getting involved with RUF sooner, since it was on campus at the start of my college career. RUF is such a great organization and I'm so glad you have such fond memories through RUF with your dear friend Martha to cherish forever!