Sunday, November 3, 2013

30 days of thanks: Sundays.

When I was in undergrad, I used to really dislike Sundays. Sundays then meant locking myself in the library or in my apartment to read like no one's business or bang out a literary criticism paper (welcome to the life of an English major!). Part of me secretly loved getting down to business and having a whole day to dedicate to nerdiness, but I mostly just hated not having rest.

Though I still feel like I'm having an identity crisis as I move from the student stage of life to young professional, I don't mind the no schoolwork thing. Married Sundays with no school are the best. I have truly begun to grasp the concept of the Sabbath- of resting. Even though I sometimes still have a full to-do list on Sunday, I'm a lot easier on myself to simply spend time taking it easy and preparing for the week ahead.

I am so thankful for Sundays. To give it all to God and just let go for a second. I am a total perfectionist and worrywart and I usually have a hard time doing that. Sunday is a reminder that I should not surrender to Him just one day, but all days.

Rest, replenish, and refuel. TGIS!



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