Monday, December 9, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: good health

Crazy enough, a miserable sick day yesterday prompted this post. You remember that episode of How I Met Your Mother when Ted claims he's been "vomit free since '93"? Well, I also had a solid record until yesterday-- I'll just leave it at that. I wasn't sure if it was food poisoning from my caesar salad the night before or a random stomach bug, but either way I spent my day napping, drinking ginger ale, and ironically, watching How I Met Your Mother. I was able to stomach a whopping meal of chicken noodle soup and 5 crackers yesterday... not exactly the way I was hoping to drop a few pounds before Christmas!

Okay, I'll stop the pity party because I'm actually doing really great this morning. I am rested, eating solid food, and able to go on a massive post-sickness cleaning spree. I am so thankful that Andrew was around all day to take care of me. Despite juggling preparations for his big final review for his first graduate architecture studio, he was always so attentive asking if I needed more fluids, something to eat, help getting something, etc. I am thankful for his selflessness that most definitely helped me feel a million times better today.

On a grander scale, I am so grateful for my overall good health. Other than the occasional day or week with a little sickness like yesterday, I have never dealt with a serious illness or condition. I am thankful for the good health that so many others are not fortunate to have.

However, that doesn't mean illness hasn't touched my life. I never knew my grandfather because he was taken before I was born due to leukemia. I lost one of my very best friends just two months ago to epilepsy. I've seen grandparents suffer from the health effects of old age. However, I've also seen the power of prayer at work. I've seen a sorority sister diagnosed with ovarian cancer as a sophomore celebrate a year cancer-free. I've seen my sweet little neighbor who is only a freshman in high school endure the hurt and pain of pancreatitis-- multiple surgeries, feeding tubes, month-long hospital stays-- and still claim in every Facebook post that the Lord is good! I am so humbled.

I am thankful for the access to medications, treatments, and doctors that provide incredible care. I am thankful for the means to use these resources for continued good health. May I never take for granted the blessings of good health for myself and those I love!


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  1. I'm totally vomit free since '03! haha. A solid ten years and I'm totally terrified for when that day comes that my streak is broken. :( Hope you're feeling better now! (And HIMYM is the best!)