Monday, January 27, 2014

hello again & house "to-do"s!

Well, hello friends! It's been almost three weeks since I've been over to my little corner of the internet and I am so sorry! I've been super busy this month taking care of my kiddos, making burlaps, and doing some major organization in our little home here! I told myself that January was going to be my month of organization and deep cleaning, but I still have a few tasks left to tackle! Here are a few of the winter cleaning/organization projects I want to get going on:

Stay tuned for some more blog posts about these projects (minus the cleaning the fridge and shutter parts... heck, if I don't want to do them, why do you want to read about them!?) ;) Thanks for hanging on with me, my sweet bloggy friends. Any tips for the tasks at hand?!

 Happy Monday!


Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 goals: revisited

I'm a little late in the game, but I wanted to do a recap of my 2013 goals as a sort of personal reflection to see my progress and where I'm lacking. Check out my original post here about my "13 in 2013" and read on to see how I did!
  1. Graduate from Wofford with a 3.9 cumulative GPA. That one was pretty lofty... but I got pretty close! I'd say a 3.8 basically counts!
  2. Continue in consistency with this blog! I would say I did well on this goal this year. I attended my first blogger meet-up, participated in multiple link ups, and challenged myself for my "30 Days of Thanks". 
  3. Create a booklist (of the titles I've been wanting to read forever!) and read for the FUN of it! To be honest, I don't think I read more this year than any other year in particular. I have a long list of books on my Kindle that I will continue to tackle! 
  4. Commit to daily scripture reading. I was much better in my daily devotional this year, especially after the move. However, I did not succeed with my "daily" goal.
  5. Continue my work in the Wofford communications office and save (at least) half my earnings. I loved my time in the communications office. I'm so glad I decided to save my earnings too- a great practice to keep going! 
  6. Become more intentional in the daily ministry of my life. This year I tried to use my blog as an outlet for that. A lot of times I bared my heart, hoping that my readers could relate to how tough it can be to keep the faith sometimes! When I was still at Wofford, RUF Ministry Team was a great way to do this. It was such a blessing to serve my campus in the name of Jesus!
  7. After the wedding, try at least two new recipes a week and plan out meals for us. Not sure if I've tried 2 new recipes a week, but I have been better than I thought I would be about cooking. I do meal plan each week and we've had fun trying some awesome new dishes!
  8. Run a 5K, and upon completion, work towards a 10K. I did the Color Run in March, but didn't get a chance to work towards the 10K... that will come this year! Once I train enough to be able to run 3.1 again... oy. 
  9. Closely related, lose 10-15 pounds by the wedding with a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained.  Well, I did that before the wedding... score! But once the honeymoon was over and there wasn't the immense pressure to look fab in a strapless dress, I slacked. I still make a point to eat well, but I definitely fell off the exercise wagon. Time to get back on! 
  10. Land my dream job-- anything related to writing, event planning, public relations, social media marketing, and creative communications-- or all of the above! Not yet. But the Lord has a plan for me. Meanwhile, I love my job of hanging out with the sweet kids in my neighborhood- their families are such a blessing!
  11. Find a church/Bible study group in the new city we move to after Andrew begins graduate school and grow in friendship and fellowship with new people. Once again... a work in progress. We have settled on a church we really like, which is great! This year I am going to really work hard on getting involved in the women's ministry and Andrew and I both really would like to get involved in a small group! 
  12. Work on less excess-- in many senses. This is kind of a work in progress... this will go on into this year! Cleaning, organizing, budgeting... you get the idea. 
  13. Get writing published in a local magazine to add to my resume and portfolio.  I was published in Wofford's alumni magazine for a student spotlight and it was so exciting! 
So ladies and gents, that was my 2013. I'd say I did pretty well, overall. Stay tuned to see what I'm planning for 2014!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in review

I cannot believe that today marks the beginning of a new year. Part of me is sad to see 2013 go... the year of wonderful memories of my graduation, trips with friends, my wedding, and many newlywed "firsts". But at the same time, this has been one the ABSOLUTE hardest years of my life. Moving away from my family, beginning the exhausting process of finding a job, and dealing with the death of a best friend were not highlights of 2013. Quite frankly, part of me wants to leave 2013 in the dust, to move onward to 2014 with a clean slate. But I can't deny that the joys, challenges, and even the heartbreak of this year have molded me and taught me so much about myself. 

I conquered my fear of heights and climbed a 80 foot rock face in my yoga & rock climbing interim course!

We celebrated (or mourned?) 100 days left at Wofford with our senior class! [blogged here]

I did the Color Run in Columbia with my best friends and our boys! [blogged here]

I was named Wofford College Panhellenic Woman of the Year!

I celebrated Charlotte and Tyler at their beautiful wedding! [blogged here]

I traveled to St. Martin with my best friends to celebrate our last spring break!

Andrew graduated from Clemson!

I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa!

I graduated magna cum laude from my beloved Wofford College! [blogged here]

I celebrated my bachelorette weekend in Hilton Head! [blogged here]

6.29.13- I married my high school sweetheart! [blogged here]

we honeymooned in St. Lucia! [blogged here]

we moved to Raleigh!

I was featured in the Southern Weddings Magazine blog! [blogged here]

I celebrated my first Homecoming as an alumni with my best friends...

and in the same weekend lost one of those friends very tragically and suddenly to epilepsy. 
[my most popular post this year, blogged here]

I attend my first blogger meet-up and FINALLY got to meet some wonderful blog friends in person! [blogged here]

I made a decision to make my happiness a priority. [blogged here]

I launched my own burlap business! [blogged here]

2013 has truly been a whirlwind. I knew there would be changes, but I never knew how dramatically my life would actually change. I've gained new roles and responsibilities and have left dear friends states away, but have also met wonderful people in our new city. The years change, but He stays the same. This year I have definitely learned that I can't do it myself, as much as my perfectionist, type-A self would like to. My hope is in the Lord this new year and each to come. This year I have truly realized how the Lord is working in my life- He takes away, but oh man does he GIVE. I am blessed and thankful beyond expression for this year and I'm ready for His plan in 2014.