Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in review

I cannot believe that today marks the beginning of a new year. Part of me is sad to see 2013 go... the year of wonderful memories of my graduation, trips with friends, my wedding, and many newlywed "firsts". But at the same time, this has been one the ABSOLUTE hardest years of my life. Moving away from my family, beginning the exhausting process of finding a job, and dealing with the death of a best friend were not highlights of 2013. Quite frankly, part of me wants to leave 2013 in the dust, to move onward to 2014 with a clean slate. But I can't deny that the joys, challenges, and even the heartbreak of this year have molded me and taught me so much about myself. 

I conquered my fear of heights and climbed a 80 foot rock face in my yoga & rock climbing interim course!

We celebrated (or mourned?) 100 days left at Wofford with our senior class! [blogged here]

I did the Color Run in Columbia with my best friends and our boys! [blogged here]

I was named Wofford College Panhellenic Woman of the Year!

I celebrated Charlotte and Tyler at their beautiful wedding! [blogged here]

I traveled to St. Martin with my best friends to celebrate our last spring break!

Andrew graduated from Clemson!

I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa!

I graduated magna cum laude from my beloved Wofford College! [blogged here]

I celebrated my bachelorette weekend in Hilton Head! [blogged here]

6.29.13- I married my high school sweetheart! [blogged here]

we honeymooned in St. Lucia! [blogged here]

we moved to Raleigh!

I was featured in the Southern Weddings Magazine blog! [blogged here]

I celebrated my first Homecoming as an alumni with my best friends...

and in the same weekend lost one of those friends very tragically and suddenly to epilepsy. 
[my most popular post this year, blogged here]

I attend my first blogger meet-up and FINALLY got to meet some wonderful blog friends in person! [blogged here]

I made a decision to make my happiness a priority. [blogged here]

I launched my own burlap business! [blogged here]

2013 has truly been a whirlwind. I knew there would be changes, but I never knew how dramatically my life would actually change. I've gained new roles and responsibilities and have left dear friends states away, but have also met wonderful people in our new city. The years change, but He stays the same. This year I have definitely learned that I can't do it myself, as much as my perfectionist, type-A self would like to. My hope is in the Lord this new year and each to come. This year I have truly realized how the Lord is working in my life- He takes away, but oh man does he GIVE. I am blessed and thankful beyond expression for this year and I'm ready for His plan in 2014.



  1. Wow! Congratulations on being named Panhellenic Woman of the year at Wofford! What an honor that was (and personally so excited the honor was given to a ZTA)!! I hope 2014 brings you and your husband much happiness :-)

  2. Looks like you had an awesome year!


  3. WOW! What a year! So many highlights! And yet, there will be even more surprises in 2014, I am sure.