Sunday, February 2, 2014

snow day fun!

Tuesday evening brought the first sign of snow to our little corner of Raleigh, and needless to say, my winter-loving husband was SO excited. His classes were cancelled (unnecessarily, but whatever!) on Tuesday in preparation for the day's snowfall, and we were fortunate to wake up to about 2.5-ish inches of snow in our backyard and news of cancellation of all classes at State on Wednesday as well! We made a yummy breakfast of apple cinnamon pancakes and did some exploring of our neighborhood. Of course, I had to document our first Raleigh snowfall and share with y'all!

Snow day selfies are a must when it's just the two of you!

We walked to visit some family friends a couple streets down and got some quality snuggle time with Eli, the basset hound that thinks he's a human. How hilarious is this guy?!

Enjoying the winter wonderland of a backyard we have!

I love how cute our little house looked in the snow! I'm sad that all the snow has melted, but no lie, I'm pretty ready for spring to hit NC.

 Do you love the snow, or are you ready for warmer weather like I am?!



  1. I wish we had gotten snow! We got a dusting of what I call "snow" but really was just lots of ice that looked white. It was too cold here in Houston!

  2. My brother who goes to ECU had classes cancelled all week for the snow!!!! Snow days are simply the best!