Tuesday, June 3, 2014

23rd Birthday Weekend Recap!

Though I think they're awesome, I've never really been one to make a huge deal about birthdays -- well, my birthday that is. However, my 23rd birthday took the (birthday) cake for awesome celebrations. And strangely enough, it was my first birthday away from my closest friends and family (Andrew excluded) -- but it was still one of the best. Let's get started with a birthday recap, shall we?

Since my friend Natalie was going to be in town for my actual birthday dinner, Andrew and I decided to go ahead and do "our" birthday celebration the evening before. I knew immediately where I wanted to go -- Hayes Barton Cafe. It's a neighborhood favorite, tucked in the Five Points area of Raleigh and just a 10 minute walk from our little house.

Ever since we moved to Raleigh, I'd heard great things about HBC's food, and especially their cake -- explanation later. Anyway, after work we freshened up and headed to dinner shortly thereafter. HBC is relatively small, and seating is at a premium. Oftentimes you'll see people lined up out the door as early as 6:30! It's definitely a special place. As soon as you enter, you're transported into the 1940's. World War II-era pictures and memorabilia are all over the wall. You get this warm, cozy feeling as you sit down to a candlelit table and just take in the awesome atmosphere. Luckily we were seated immediately and after enjoying caesar salad, we devoured the evening's special, pictured below:

 This is exactly what it looks like... literally, filet on top of mac n cheese. YUM. As I mentioned, HBC is "famous" for their cake -- the selection and the size. After a run-through at the cake case with our waiter, Andrew and I each settled on a flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough cake for me, and chocolate peanut butter for the hubby. As you can see below, the slices are ginormous. I've eaten the cake already in 2 different sittings, and it will probably take me 2 more sittings to eat it. BUT IT'S DELICIOUS.

{saturday - the day of! }

The morning of my 23rd birthday, we woke up at a decent time because I wanted a proper birthday breakfast -- a Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuit, of course! 

After lounging a bit and enjoying morning coffee, we got ready and made our way to go pick up our "couple friends" from church we were going to have a late lunch picnic with. We stopped by Neomonde, an awesome Mediterranean restaurant not too far from my office. We get a smorgasbord of items and had a potluck-type lunch outside on the grounds of the NC Museum of Art. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time enjoying the wonderful weather and great company. 

Saturday evening, my BFF Natalie happened to be in town with another friend and was able to join me for my birthday dinner. We enjoyed some yummy Mexican, but we couldn't leave for dinner without a photoshoot, amiright?

{and beyond...}

On Sunday, we went to church and immediately after enjoyed a church-wide picnic at a local park down the street. It was really great spending time with our community group and meeting new people in the congregation we haven't had a chance to get to know yet. Our church has blessed us so much in the past year!

In other news, between all this eating (but seriously, I feel like that's all we did!) we went on a crazy goose chase with the Postal Service to track down my gift from my parents. At the time, I had no idea what the present was. Long story short, the USPS promised my mom next-day delivery on an insured package, and it didn't happen. Maybe because that "next day" was a Saturday... and our neighborhood post office is closed on a Saturday. WOMP WOMP. After many trips and calls, we finally tracked down the gift, and I am excited to FINALLY be an iPad mini owner! Whee!!!! And Andrew gave me the most gorgeous Kate Spade case to go with it! Definitely worth the wait. 

As I was getting it all set up last night, I noticed that my parents had this engraved on the back... so sweet! I have already loved reading with the Kindle app and using all my social media outlets on it-- I'm one happy blogger!

Thank y'all so much for the "happy birthdays" on my previous post and on Instagram! I definitely felt the love this weekend and cannot wait to see what year 23 has in store for me!



  1. What a birthday! Looks like you had an awesome 23rd!

  2. What a wonderful Birthday weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had an amazing weekend :)