Monday, June 23, 2014

weekend antiquing at Cheshire Cat

This weekend was a wonderful one, full of spontaneity, randomness, and somehow within all that, productivity. After a long week for each of us and late nights on Thursday (Andrew up waiting on delayed flights to come back into town from a work trip, and me staying up to wait for him), we were ready to simply relax. We slept in way too late on Saturday to accommodate our initial plans to go on a donut date, so we opted for brunch at Cameron Bar and Grill instead -- just as fun! We started wandering around Cameron Village and decided to wander venture into The Cheshire Cat Gallery. 

If you're in the Raleigh area, or ever visit, you MUST visit The Cheshire Cat Gallery! As we made our way down the stairs, we were overwhelmed by stuff. I usually hate the word "stuff," but that's really the best way to describe everything in the gallery! From prints, to books, to furniture, to random junky trinkets, this place had it all. It was one of those places that you know is a gold mine... as long as you're willing to invest the time in finding the gold. Well, ladies and gents, I found my gold... bamboo mirror. 

I've been searching for the perfect piece to put over our mantle and as soon as I saw this one, I started obsessing. I made note of it, and continued wandering the store, keeping it in the back of my mind. We left and did some things around the house, but I kept going back to that gorgeous mirror, deathly afraid someone else would find my beloved bamboo treasure. After Andrew saw me literally pining for that mirror as I stared over our mantle, and having a conversation about how this piece would fit into our budget, we decided to go back for it. I was SO nervous that it wouldn't be there, but I was so relieved to find it was right where I left it. There was the slightest scratch at the top, so I was able to haggle the price down a bit, but I'm so bad at haggling. It makes me feel so awkward. Anyone else hate it? This is how the conversation went:

Me (to saleslady): "Hi, I'm interested in this mirror, but I noticed there's a blemish near the top. Is that the best price you can give us?"
Saleslady: "Yes, if you pay cash or check I can probably do better. $20 off?"
Me: "Okay!!!!!!!!!!!"

So, not sure if that's considering haggling. BUT, small steps friends. I need to let the bargain shopper in me do her thing once it comes time for us to invest in pieces for a bigger house of our own! What do y'all think of this mirror!? 


Amidst all that craziness, I did find another gem on our first trip to Cheshire Cat! This gorgeous straw bag jumped out at me and I was hooked... especially since I had my eyes on an updated Kate Spade straw bag that was on sale only a week earlier. It ended up selling out before I could make a decision, but I saved a TON of money going for this "vintage" one instead! With the exception of a little wear on the leather handles and discoloring of hardware, it was in perfect condition. And it was a decent enough size to fit my huge wallet, business card holder, and other handbag essentials, and for ONLY $20!

Isn't it so great? I'm definitely excited about our thrifty, stylish purchases, and will definitely head back to Cheshire Cat just for fun or to search for a great piece. There were so many things I wanted to get-- prints and precious brass giraffe figurines from Curio, old books to decorate with, elegant wood pieces... if only I was made of money and had more square footage! Have you ever had any really great antique-ing experiences? What do you think of these finds?


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