Thursday, July 31, 2014

travel in style

I never have claimed to be, and I probably never will be, a fashion blogger. But that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun with it when I find an outfit I love, right?!

If you've been following along for a while, you may remember my maiden voyage into fashion blogger territory-- I may have liked it a bit, so I'm back at it, this time with one of my favorite travel outfits. This past weekend, the hubs and I hit the road to Charleston to celebrate yet another cousin's wedding (tis the season for wedding festivities, amiright?!) and some quality time with my parents and friends who live in town. Charleston is right under four and a half hours from Raleighwood, so for this travel outfit, comfort was key. 

top {on sale now!} / shorts {similar} / monogram necklace / hat {similar} / bracelets / watch / sandals {not available online}

Comfy tee (the fact it has a precious pineapple print is a plus!), chino shorts and comfy sandals are my go-to travel outfit, whether I'm tearing up I-85 to visit the family in Greenville or elsewhere. J Crew chinos are usually my shorts of choice, but I found these at Old Navy a few summers ago and couldn't resist snagging some pairs on sale! 

And of course, whether I'm typing away at the computer in the office or riding shotgun down the highway, a cup of coffee is always necessary in the morning. An iced coffee in my favorite insulted mason jar is enough to get me out of the bed, any day of the week! Who's with me!? 

What's your go-to travel outfit? Are you a casual-and-comfy kinda gal like me?


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

sore feet, mimosas & pretty dresses

Those, my friends, are the makings of an incredible wedding weekend.

Is it just me, or do wedding weekends make you want to just explode with joy and happiness and dread going back to "real life"? This past weekend, I enjoyed an especially wonderful weekend, celebrating the marriage of my cousin Blaire and her now-husband Kyle.

Growing up, I’ve always been close to my extended family, and we always joke that Swiger weddings (my mom's side of the family) are an event to behold – always a good time, always a party. I knew Blaire and Kyle’s wedding would be no different. They’ve been together for quite some time, and ever since they began dating, we’ve always considered Kyle a part of our family – this weekend it was finally made official! The way they care for each other, love each other, and support each other during difficult times has been truly incredible to see, and I’m so glad the Lord brought these two together. I knew this weekend was going to be a special one!


I took a day off work on Friday in order to make the trip to Greenville to attend Blaire’s bridal brunch at Brick Street Café. It was major déjà vu, considering my aunts held my brunch at that very spot just last year. It was a sweet afternoon of catching up with family, getting to know Blaire’s bridesmaids, and eating some delicious food – Brick Street’s famous sweet potato cake, included!

I had the pleasure of attending the future diPretoro’s rehearsal dinner as the photographer. It was an elegantly simple gathering, one of lots of laughs and tears as the groom stood up to thank all who have loved and supported the couple throughout the years, and talked about how much Blaire meant to him. My parents and I were on clean-up duty at the venue, so we stayed late straightening up and came home exhausted after a fun, long day.


Saturday morning was déjà vu all over again, as Blaire’s bridesmaids came over to get ready at my parent’s house. I kept having flashbacks to the morning in June when my bridesmaids and I sipped mimosas and got prepped for my own wedding day. It was so fun to spend this time with Blaire and her girls as she prepared to become Mrs. diPretoro!

Of course, Blaire looked stunning and the wedding ceremony was beautiful. My cousin Sarah and I were the greeters, handing out programs to all who came. Even though the day was a bit wet, the rain managed to let up at all the right times and it even cooled down what could have been a miserably hot July day.

had to snag a selfie before she walked down the aisle!

I hitched a ride with Sarah and her boyfriend to the reception (unfortunately Andrew couldn’t make the wedding weekend – one of his cousins was getting married the same weekend so we had to pull double wedding duty!) at Zen, a beautiful, modern venue in downtown Greenville.

The food was amazing – I’m talking build-your-own burger sliders, salad bar, mashed potato bar and more – and it was quite a party. The DJ was great and my cousins, aunts and uncles took OVER the dance floor, literally dancing the night away until it was time for Blaire and Kyle to leave.

There was a fun surprise during the reception – I got to meet Tahj Boyd, former Clemson quarterback! A March of Dimes fundraiser was going on at Zen in the next room over, and Tahj and Connor Shaw (of USC) were the featured guests. I couldn’t resist the chance to introduce myself and snag a photo op!

My wedding date for the evening - ha!

my fellow greeter/dance partner/cousin/bestie since day 1!

with the happy couple!

matching my mama - I got dressed first, I swear!

Sadly, the time came for the celebrations to wind down. The happy couple ran outside through a tunnel of sparklers and hopped in the back of my dad’s baby blue Mustang (like the one from Princess Diaries!) to take them to their hotel for the evening!

and they lived happily ever after!

It was a truly wonderful weekend and my heart is so full. I have total wedding nostalgia, and I miss my family and Greenville like crazy now that I’m back in NC. I’ll be back soon, though.

Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. diPretoro and wonderful wedding celebrations!


Monday, July 7, 2014

july goals

Welp, I'm a little late in the game, but I wanted to share my July goals to keep myself accountable. Here's what's on my heart and my mind this month:

{one} exercise at least three days a week. 
It only took about a year (I'm embarrassed to admit), but we finally joined a gym here! I majorly fell off the workout wagon in my first year of newlywed bliss, and I'm excited to get back into a good exercise schedule. Overall, the McCalls are really good about eating healthy, but we've been lacking in the active department lately. I'm already loving the sore feeling I wake up with after a great workout! (Urm, sometimes...)

{two} go through my closet & drawers. 
I feel like this is a recurring theme for many bloggers these days, and I too am looking to simplify. I've created an Instagram account for my closet (@shop_ryannscloset if you're interested!) and have signed up for Poshmark. I'm basically just trying to de-clutter and get rid of excess. If I haven't worn it recently, if it doesn't match my current style, if it's more college-y than wife-y (you know what I mean!?) then it needs to go.

{three} kick the crafting back into high gear. 
I'm still trying to get back into the groove with making my burlaps. Between exercising, cooking dinner and spending time with the hubby in the evenings, I feel as if there aren't enough hours after work to do things! If only I could quit my day job and create all day... maybe one day :)

{four} be more intentional in my scripture reading.
Y'all, I've gotten so inconsistent at reading God's word, and I hate it. I do well for a while, then I have one off day that messes with me and I get out of sync. I was a late bloomer and am awaiting my copy of Names of God, but I'm excited to catch up with this blog Bible study from Rachel and Nicole!

{five} plan our anniversary trip.
Though we celebrated our anniversary last week, we didn't actually do much at all. We've talked about taking a weekend trip somewhere in September for a late celebration, but we haven't made any moves yet! Any suggestions for a great weekend getaway destination relatively convenient to NC or a place within our great state we need to visit?!

I feel like this month is going to fly (sorry to be all cliche), but with travel plans literally every weekend this month, there's a lot going on and lots of fun with friends and family to look forward to. I can't wait!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day, friends!

The McCalls are having a very low-key Fourth -- no day at the pool, lake, beach, or big party for us this year. Even though we're not doing anything very out of the ordinary today to celebrate, I've reflected on the many freedoms and blessings I've already enjoyed today, ones that I don't want to ever take for granted:

the freedom and blessing to enjoy my cup of coffee this morning
the freedom and blessing to bike through my neighborhood without worrying about my safety
 the freedom and blessing to enjoy a day with my husband 
the freedom and blessing to look forward to a delicious, filling meal tonight
the freedom and blessing the open my Bible this evening for devotional time

Freedom isn't free, so thank you to all the men and women who serve and have served, and their families who also have also sacrificed for our country. I am thankful to live in a land of so much opportunity --  one nation, under God.