Monday, July 7, 2014

july goals

Welp, I'm a little late in the game, but I wanted to share my July goals to keep myself accountable. Here's what's on my heart and my mind this month:

{one} exercise at least three days a week. 
It only took about a year (I'm embarrassed to admit), but we finally joined a gym here! I majorly fell off the workout wagon in my first year of newlywed bliss, and I'm excited to get back into a good exercise schedule. Overall, the McCalls are really good about eating healthy, but we've been lacking in the active department lately. I'm already loving the sore feeling I wake up with after a great workout! (Urm, sometimes...)

{two} go through my closet & drawers. 
I feel like this is a recurring theme for many bloggers these days, and I too am looking to simplify. I've created an Instagram account for my closet (@shop_ryannscloset if you're interested!) and have signed up for Poshmark. I'm basically just trying to de-clutter and get rid of excess. If I haven't worn it recently, if it doesn't match my current style, if it's more college-y than wife-y (you know what I mean!?) then it needs to go.

{three} kick the crafting back into high gear. 
I'm still trying to get back into the groove with making my burlaps. Between exercising, cooking dinner and spending time with the hubby in the evenings, I feel as if there aren't enough hours after work to do things! If only I could quit my day job and create all day... maybe one day :)

{four} be more intentional in my scripture reading.
Y'all, I've gotten so inconsistent at reading God's word, and I hate it. I do well for a while, then I have one off day that messes with me and I get out of sync. I was a late bloomer and am awaiting my copy of Names of God, but I'm excited to catch up with this blog Bible study from Rachel and Nicole!

{five} plan our anniversary trip.
Though we celebrated our anniversary last week, we didn't actually do much at all. We've talked about taking a weekend trip somewhere in September for a late celebration, but we haven't made any moves yet! Any suggestions for a great weekend getaway destination relatively convenient to NC or a place within our great state we need to visit?!

I feel like this month is going to fly (sorry to be all cliche), but with travel plans literally every weekend this month, there's a lot going on and lots of fun with friends and family to look forward to. I can't wait!



  1. The Mast Farm Inn in Valle Crucis (right next to Boone) is AMAZING. The only downside, it's rather expensive. We were gifted a weekend there for a wedding gift, that's how we got to go :) lol So, totally understandable if it's not in the budget, it certainly wouldn't be in ours BUT I thought I would throw it out there because it has got to be one of the most beautiful places and cutest bed & breakfast in the whole world!

  2. I have been closet cleaning like crazy this summer! The great thing is then I can turn around and buy new clothes with that money and not feel bad about it ;) You'd probably also have great luck selling on Our Preppy Closet Recycled (on facebook) or Clothes Mentor, kind of like Plato's but nicer (they have one in Greenville but I just checked and there are 2 in Raleigh).

  3. Everyone loves Biltmore! I'm a big fan of Beaufort, and at that time of year, it would still be warm but less crowded and less expensive. I went to Winchester, VA (in the Shenandoah valley) recently, and it was GORGEOUS, with orchards and vineyards and mountains. I could go on . . . hope y'all get to celebrate and enjoy it!