Saturday, August 23, 2014

life lately!

Hello dear blog friends. I realize it's been a bit quiet (again) around here lately, but I wanted to check in and fill y'all in on what I've been up to!

This summer has been a crazy one for the McCalls. Not that we've really had anything big going on, but it feels like most weekends we were on the road or just occupied in some other way. This summer was a weird one for me- I'm still getting used to the fact that summers as I know them are basically over. I mean, I always had a job or an internship during the summer while in school, but this first "real world" summer was definitely an adjustment!

So, since we're in town for the weekend (finally!) I'm soaking it all in, sitting here on our couch, watching Netflix all afternoon. It's pretty excellent... especially since I'm watching The Parent Trap. I'm feeling all nostalgic for pre-trainwreck Lindsay Lohan and really craving some peanut butter and Oreos right now, but that's beside the point. Here's what's up in the McCall household these days:

it's back to school time!
Andrew started classes this week - I can't believe it's already that time. I have a feeling this year is going to fly by - the first year sure did! Andrew had a great summer interning at an incredible firm, and he's going to keep working a few days a week while also taking a full class load and serving as a TA. So proud of that guy!

i'm SO over summer.
I know, that sounds so horrible. But I am SO ready for fall. I'm craving riding boots, vests, cool weather, warm coffee and football. Who's with me? We're going to try to make it down to a Clemson game this season, and we definitely want to make sure we squeeze in a chance to root on the NC State Wolfpack while Andrew's still a student!

but... i'm so ready for wedding season!
Despite being totally over summer, I'm extremely ready for NEXT summer... my sweet Little who got engaged earlier this summer has officially asked me to be her Matron of Honor! I'm so extremely excited to help her prepare and celebrate this fun thing called MARRIAGE! What's more... Andrew's going to be a groomsman, too! 

i'm officially that old married lady obsessed with furniture.
On a whim, Andrew and I decided to stop in a furniture consignment store down the street a week or so ago.. we fell in love with the beautiful piece you see below. We're not ones to be compulsive buyers, but this beautiful china cabinet/buffet/whatever you want to call it was calling our name. We got it for such a great deal, and it fits perfectly in this spot in our little eating nook. After a little elbow grease and some styling, it was good to go and looked amazing in our house. It's so fun to collect pieces like this we can enjoy for years to come, no matter where we call home!

i've decided I want to be a professional doodler. 
I realize that might sound like the dumbest thing ever. But, after taking a brush lettering class at Gather in Cary (oops, never did a blog post like I intended to on that...) I've become slightly obsessed with brush lettering and lettering in general. I've bought some brush-tip markers and sharpies and have been doodling away. My next goal? Learn calligraphy. If you know of any classes/teachers in the Triangle area, let me know!

So, there's your daily dose of randomness. Thanks for sticking with me, friends! :)


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