Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall bucket list.

y'all. I LOVE fall. I love everything that comes with it. Snuggling up in sweatshirts, taking in the atmosphere of a college campus when the leaves are changing colors, finally making the switch from an iced coffee order to a warm coffee order... it's the little things. The temps in NC don't necessarily indicate it, but today is the official beginning of fall and I couldn't be MORE ready. Type-A that I am, this past weekend I sat down with Andrew and had him help me think of things we must check off the list before the season is out. Thus, we have:

the mccalls fall bucket list

go to a Clemson football game. 
carve a pumpkin. 
dream up a clever costume idea. 
bake a "fall" treat - apple pie? pumpkin muffins?
take a day trip to chapel hill.
go on a hike and take in the gorgeous fall colors.
find a great pair of riding boots. 
go camping.
take a weekend trip to Charlottesville.
try a new coffee shop.

Some of these are solo things for just me, but I'm looking forward to doing most of them with Andrew and enjoying all autumn has to offer here in NC. Annnnnd hopefully I'll report back and be able to share some of these autumn activities on the blog. Anything I need to add to my list? Any and all suggestions are welcome :)

Happy Fall, y'all!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

20 things.

Hey friends! If you can't tell, I'm suffering from a bit of a blogger's block lately. In an effort to get back in the groove, I've decided to share 20 random facts about myself. It's always a bit easier for me to do grab-bag blog topics like this to get my creative juices flowing.

I'm fairly open on this blog, so it's kind of hard for me to think of interesting things to share with y'all. I really love it when other bloggers do posts like this, so hopefully you'll enjoy a little glance into the everyday Ryann. Here goes nothing...

1. I hate tomatoes. But I love all things tomato related, including: marina sauce, tomato soup, ketchup and salsa. I've tried repeatedly to like plain tomatoes, but I just can't. do. it.

2. The part I hate most about my body is my armpits. I'm not talking like the underarm armpit area that you shave. I'm talking about that weird bulge that I have where my arm connects my torso. I know, that's kind of weird, but I'm SO self conscious about that area when I wear sleeveless tops or strapless dresses. Oh great, now everyone's going to be looking at that in my photos... ha!

3. While we're talking about weird body things... I brush my eyebrows every morning. Don't laugh. You know those browliner pencil things with the little brush at the end? Yup, use one every day. The nail salon ladies always say "You have such BOLD eyebrows" after asking me if I want them waxed. I think that's an insult, but I'm not sure.

4. Andrew and I don't have cable, and at first I thought it would be the hardest thing ever. However, thanks to Netflix (still mooching of the parentals' account... thanks, dad!) and our newest purchase of a ChromeCast (I CAN FINALLY WATCH HOUSE HUNTERS!!!!), we're never lacking for something to watch.

5. Speaking of Netflix, I've watched the following shows in their entirety (at least all of the episodes available on Netflix!): How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, New Girl, House of Cards and Mad Men. Which one should I watch next?!

6. I'm obsessed with ice cream and fro-yo. Even after a huge meal, there's always room.

7. I used to be very musical. In my glory days (majorly joking) I played the viola and piano and sang in the chorus. Unfortunately, I would have a hard time doing any of those things today.

8. Speaking of extracurriculars, you name a sport... I tried it. And most likely stunk at it. Dance, gymnastics, t-ball, basketball, volleyball, golf... the list goes on.

9. My high school senior superlative was "Most Likely to Succeed." Very flattered and all, but I'm still trying to figure out what that exactly means... ha!

10. I was extremely involved in Zeta Tau Alpha during my time in college. And I'm "that girl" that really misses it post-grad.

11. My favorite color is turquoise. Just in case you don't believe me, I painted my kitchen table that color. So, yeah.

12. I used to really dislike cheeseburgers. Then I let my dad and Andrew drag me to Five Guys and my life was changed forever. Now I'm usually the one to suggest a trip there!

13. Andrew is my high school sweetheart. I think it's pretty awesome that we're married and all. :)

14. I was an English major in college. And I'd rather write a paper than take a test, hands down.

15. My eyes are TERRIBLE. I mean, absolutely horrible. I've worn glasses since second grade and contacts since 6th grade.

16. If I could meet any famous person still alive today, I would want to meet Ellen DeGeneres. LOVE HER.

17. I have puppy fever to the highest degree. Like, it's out of control. Unfortunately, as long as we're still renting I'll have to put my puppy obsession on hold.

18. Throughout my life, I have wanted to be the following things when I grew up: artist, marine biologist, veterinarian, college professor, wedding photographer. I think I'm still trying to figure it out.

19. I'm married to a Lord of the Rings fanatic. And somehow, after 4+ years of dating and more than a year of marriage, I've managed to avoid watching the series in its entirety. I'm just not as into it as Andrew is!

20. I'm randomly obsessed with pineapples. I realize this has become a trend lately, but I've always loved having this symbol of Southern hospitality all over my house in decor, prints, and burlaps, of course!

Shoutout to my dear fwiend (yup, you read that right) Cameron for this blog post inspiration, thanks to the text I received from her earlier this week.  Not pictured is the list of 5+ very detailed blog post topics that I will definitely be using... you can always count on friends to be there when the creative juices run dry!

Can anyone relate to any of my random facts? I'd love to see a post of yours! Thanks for reading, friends! Hope y'all have a great start to the week.