Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall bucket list.

y'all. I LOVE fall. I love everything that comes with it. Snuggling up in sweatshirts, taking in the atmosphere of a college campus when the leaves are changing colors, finally making the switch from an iced coffee order to a warm coffee order... it's the little things. The temps in NC don't necessarily indicate it, but today is the official beginning of fall and I couldn't be MORE ready. Type-A that I am, this past weekend I sat down with Andrew and had him help me think of things we must check off the list before the season is out. Thus, we have:

the mccalls fall bucket list

go to a Clemson football game. 
carve a pumpkin. 
dream up a clever costume idea. 
bake a "fall" treat - apple pie? pumpkin muffins?
take a day trip to chapel hill.
go on a hike and take in the gorgeous fall colors.
find a great pair of riding boots. 
go camping.
take a weekend trip to Charlottesville.
try a new coffee shop.

Some of these are solo things for just me, but I'm looking forward to doing most of them with Andrew and enjoying all autumn has to offer here in NC. Annnnnd hopefully I'll report back and be able to share some of these autumn activities on the blog. Anything I need to add to my list? Any and all suggestions are welcome :)

Happy Fall, y'all!



  1. Fall bucket lists are so fun! :) I need to make one! Enjoy Chapel Hill for me!! I'm sure it's gorgeous in the fall- be sure to share pics!!! I think apple picking would be fun but it might be getting close to out of season!?

  2. Fall is my absolute favorite too! And my roomie was just talking about making some pumpkin muffins… pumpkin anything is okay in my book :)

  3. And by taking a day trip to Chapel Hill you mean, meeting a fellow blogger (myself) to have fun exploring right?