Thursday, October 2, 2014

today I am...

// missing my alma mater and all those who made my 4 years there special. There's something about fall that makes me nostalgic for a beautiful college campus.

// savoring the Bath & Body Works "Leaves" candle and burning it like it's my job. After stumbling upon a major sale and snagging one, I might never turn back.

// enjoying the fact I have some fun fall road trips coming up. Greenville, Wilmington and Charlottesville. So ready.

// loving this incredible "monster" cookie recipe I made last night. I had to bring most of them to work today so I wouldn't eat all of them by myself!

// relaxing on the couch and catching up on all my favorite shows -- New Girl, Chicago Fire, Scandal and The Voice!

// painting burlaps like a mad lady. So thankful for all these new projects but it's definitely keeping me busy!

// debating whether or not I want to start running again. Now that the weather's cooler it miiiiiight be tolerable. Maybe.

// craving some of those pumpkin candy corn things. You know what I'm talking about? Too soon? Nahhhh.

How are you today?



  1. I think you need to start running again and we should become running buddies and train for the Tar Heel 10 miler in April (They have a part crasher section so you can sport NC State for your husband).
    I keep thinking that I need to order a burlap from you for our door. I am loving the new NC state design!
    Those cookies look delicious! I always take my baked goods into work so I don't eat all of them myself!
    I love BBW candles and I am waiting for another sale to stock up on my favorite fall scents. You should try Cranberry Woods and Marshmallow Fireside. They are so good.

  2. -check out the Target brand soy candles (normally on an end cap around home decor section)! Bourbon Blondie and Pumpkin Cheesecake changed my life and $8 for a big jar!!!!

    -I miss Wofford too! Made me sad I couldn't stalk bid day pictures this year because I didn't know anyone and apparently students don't hashtag #woffordbidday...

    -Asked Tommy if I tried to go to row, would I blend in with students and he told me definitely not. Old lady status now.